Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Days Market

Great place to go do some shopping, and have some fun with money saving.

this is some great shopping right here.

I got lunch there the other day and spent 7 dollars and got one of the best lunches anywhere. I got a big Baguette sandwich, a nice big apple fritter and a drink that you normally buy for about 3 dollars. ne way go see them.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

BYU... Good or Bad ... you decide

BYU has been a part of everyones lives in Provo for years. I personally have been in and out of the campus for years. I have never gone to BYU, nor have I ever wanted to. But I do like it being a part of my life.

Top of my head things to do in BYU Campus.

1. Bean Museum - It's free and you can see alot of amazing animals
2. Dinosaur Museum - Dido
3. BYU Creamery - This is a brand new find of mine, becuase I have always known that it is there but didn't know that it had a grill that you can get good cheap food and lots of ice cream
4. Go to any of the Shows happening @ the Harris Fine Arts Center, supposedly they have one of the top 5 theatre programs in the nation, I say suposedly not because I don't agree it's just that I have no way of backing up that fact. It is a really good program that I have alot of friends who are currently or were a part of.
5. The Art museum has spectacular exhibits (as long as they are not censored)
6. Comunity Events, like the Martin Luther King Jr. Day March that happens once a year that is the only thing that happens in Utah County for the holiday. The March was fun, once we started (BYU has a problem with starting late, one half hour to be exact) and the event after was alright (but please someone tell them that it is OK to practice their songs and speaches before getting on stage (they need an artistic director like me)).

NE way
Check it out @ and hopefully you can find more things to do then I have listed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's been about a year!

Well ...

My other Blog is going a little better now so I guess that I should start Blogging in Here. Especially that this one is probably of more interest to most people, especially in the Provo Area.

This Review will be for the National Kidney Foundation. It's where I work, and where I am right this minute actually. is their website and has all the information that you need to Donate a Car.

It is a really good program designed to help people get rid of their cars, get people Tax deductions, give buisness to local car agencies, and get money for deserving Kidney Transplant patients and Dialysis Centers and all that good stuff.

Give it a Shot.

Call 1-800-TOW-KARS or go to the Website @ and Donate your Kar, who knows you might even speak to me about it.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Bombay House

Here is a short review of a nice little Resteraunt on University Ave. close to the Public Library.

Bombay House is a Great Resteraunt. It gives you Great food and Great service.

I was shocked to see that every server and Maiterdee are all men. Weird, I wonder if that is a cultural thing or just coincidence.

NE way, Fun place and is locally owned.

Good Lamb

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The First Review... Allens Super Save

Well here it goes my first Review.

I have lived around the corner from Allens Super Save for years and years. My mother worked for Allen's Bakery for almost eight years, even becoming manager of that Bakery. So I have had alot of expireince with it and it's values.

I would like to start that this company started as a Small Drive Through and grew to the chain of stores that is now in opreration. Quite the American Dream, starting a company from scratch and watching it grow tto feed your family and the Comunity around you. And that is the Ideal that this website is meant to uphold and continue.

It should be said however that the man who started this company is no longer living. The company is now in the hands of Steve Allen, the original owners son. And it can be said that he has not been the best leader of this community run buisness.

I personally can only speak from expirience. I remember that when my mother was working in the Bakery she had alot of problem moving up in the company. The Management chose other less qualified people to take over management when the opportunity arose because they were Male. This is definately a draw back in my book. Then when she did become Manager, the polocies changed drastically to emulate larger Corporations. They went from freshly made and baked Donuts to Frozen Donuts that taste like any other out there @ Smiths or Albertsons. That is just a minor example of the big picture. The Larger picture is that they start to sell out, take profit Gains over Quality of Product. This, I have heard has even made it into the way the employees are treated. When you walked into Allen's you expected a type of service, that was always brought by the wonderful people who worked there. Most of those people are gone. Because of buisness practices that once again cut the Benefits and Pay of the Employees in favor of the short term gain in the pockets of the already wealthy. There have also been alot of Rumors that Allens might at sometime be bought out by Associated food, and this comunity doesn't need that especially after Macy's sold out.

If you can hear my spite I say good. I never said that this website was going to be nice. I just say that the truth as I see it should be known. If anyone else has anything contrary to say then bring it on. I would love to be proven wrong.

On a good note, it is still locally owned and operated. The employees are all people who live in our comunity. And the closer to the Tree the closer to the Fruit. Right? if the Buck stops in Utah County then it stays in Utah County and we all benefiet from that.

I have been getting alot of people who tell me that it is a very Idealistic thing that I am doing here. That there is no hope for small Buisness and that it is cheaper to go to Walmart anyway. Well it is true that Walmart can buy in Bulk for much cheaper than local competitors, so that they can slash their prices down to put other buisnesses out. But when you think of the distance to Walmart you might be paying just as much in the Gas to and from. When you buy from Walmart the money doesn't go to local people here in our comunity. Even the managers are not paid what they are worth. The money goes to some office where a man in a suit who probably never spent a day of his life doing some honest work, puts it in his Bank account and goes to Bocca Raton or wherever. while after words he cuts the benefiets of the employee so they can't even go on a vacation at all. Then there is the overwhelming statistic that makes me sick to my stomach to hear. For every 1 job that Walmart Creates in the cmmunity, it destroys 9 others in the comunity. by putting local buisness, out of buisness.

To me it just makes sense. It isn't about Idealism, it's about survival. It's about making sure that myself and my family can get out from under this Glass ceiling called Middle class and poverty, to share in the Abundance called Wealth.


I spoke alot
the end

Hi there Everyone

This is my first post on this new Blog

So have fun with this...

If you have any ideas for places that I could review or have reviews yourself E-mail them to me @ and put in the Subject line Local Buisness Review.

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